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The work you do now already affects the ocean’s health. Back your scientific research, policy design, and ocean use planning with location-based data, analysis, and collaborative work. Today, maritime organizations around the world rely on the Esri platform. ArcGIS provides powerful geospatial analysis tools and 2D/3D visualization. You can easily publish your work and share knowledge with the science community using Esri-based maps and information that improve understanding.



Collect, access, and repurpose your agency’s ocean data. Then add other ocean datasets.


Integrate GIS with scientific modeling and visualize scenarios. Predict areas susceptible to climate impact and be prepared for change.


Simplify the complex multidimensional environment with an understandable map. Publish it online as a 2d/3d interactive map anyone can use.


ArcGIS for Maritime: Bathymetry

Get the best bathymetric data for making better decisions. Use ArcGIS for Maritime: Bathymetry to complete seabed surveys to locate sites for offshore construction, assess natural resource opportunities, and apply for rights-of-use for territorial seas. Easily manage and combine massive amounts of bathymetric data in a GIS environment.

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ArcGIS Platform

Scientific research, policy design, and ocean use planning are more successful when backed by data and analysis. ArcGIS helps you understand environmental changes, study relationships, and create forecasting scenarios. Monitor ocean health by converting sensor, sonar, and imagery data into multi-dimensional visualizations in ArcGIS.

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ArcGIS Online

A portal to data, models, and maps, use ArcGIS Online to analyze marine and coastline environments. Use web apps and maps to collaborate with stakeholders. Create and publish maps that anyone can access and use them for port management, hydrographic measurement, and coastal environmental management and response.

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