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Ocean scientists, resource managers, and conservationists need to understand negative impacts harming marine and coastal environments so they can better respond. With Esri, you can develop successful ocean policy and sustainable ocean practices. More than simple maps, Esri software helps you analyze data, conduct research, manage fisheries, facilitate planning processes, and more.

"Just as on land, GIS in the sea can facilitate identification of problem areas and help point the way toward solutions."

Sylvia Earle PhD., renowned marine biologist, explorer, author, and lecturer.


Explore GIS for The Oceans

An interactive story map, which combines geography and images, takes you on a GIS journey of the ocean from mapping whales to exploring deep reefs. You will see GIS applications around the world.
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The NOAA nowCoast Online Portal accesses real time sensor data and maps it. Anyone can use the interactive GIS tools to see current wind speeds, sea surface temperatures, and wave heights along US coastlines.
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Beyond Titanic

Explorer David Gallo describes how GIS benefits the planet. He explains the importance of the seafloor and shares his adventures of mapping the Titanic wreckage. Read more

Ocean Forum

Attend the Esri Ocean GIS Forum in Redlands, November 5–7, 2014. Join the professional ocean community to discuss GIS technologies for oceans and hear best-practices. Read more


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Esri Ocean GIS Forum

5 noviembre – 7, 2014
Redlands, CA

Coastal GeoTools

30 marzo – 2 abril 2015
North Charleston, SC


4 mayo – 8, 2015
Salvador, Brazil

Esri User Conference

20 julio – 24, 2015
San Diego, California

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