Esri Ocean GIS Forum

Presenter Resources

During the conference, staff will be available at the registration desk to assist you with questions related to your presentation.

Equipment for Presentation Rooms

The following equipment will be in every presentation room:

  • LCD projector 
  • One projection screen
  • Lectern/podium with one stationary microphone
  • Laptop to load your presentation
  • Head table and chairs

Internet Access

There will be internet access in each presentation room.

PowerPoint Slide Suggestions

  • Keep in mind how far away the audience is likely to be in large rooms.
  • Try to keep text size at least 18 to 20 points for readability. If all your content can’t fit on to one slide at that font size, consider breaking it up into multiple slides.
  • Use high-contrast colors. Don't use red, dark green or black text or graphics against darker backgrounds. Best colors are white, yellow, light green, and aqua (light blue).
  • Make sure arrows and other connectors between graphics also have high contrast.
  • Do not overdo animation on slides. If you have an animation, try to keep the number of mouse clicks per slide to a minimum and practice with your slides the day before your session to be familiar with the interaction.
  • Note: Esri does not provide a PowerPoint template for your presentation. 

If you have questions regarding your presentation, please contact us at or by calling 909-793-2853, extension 1-3394.