Esri Ocean GIS Forum

Justify Your Trip

The Esri Ocean GIS Forum is a rare opportunity, because it is the only GIS forum dedicated to the ocean. The foremost reason to attend the Esri Ocean GIS forum is to discover how GIS can help your organization meet its goals. Your 3-day emersion into GIS for the ocean will advance your knowledge and give you time to focus on solutions that benefit your organization.

Why you need to attend:

  • A community of people who also use GIS for their ocean work will share their ideas and experiences with you.
  • Renowned organizations such as NOAA will present ways they use GIS.
  • Ocean GIS users will give topic presentations relevant applications and workflows
  • You will discover ways to get more value from your organization’s data and GIS.
  • Esri technical services staff will personally meet with you to talk about your project.
  • Esri ocean industry professionals will talk with you about challenges you face.  
  • Geospatial technology vendors will show you the latest hardware, software, and services designed specifically for ocean GIS users. 
  • You can assess GIS technologies that best serve your organization’s needs.
  • Attendees will create a wish list that Esri developers will use to add functionality and tools specific to the needs of the ocean community.