Esri Ocean GIS Forum

About the Esri Ocean GIS Forum

The Esri Ocean GIS Forum is a gathering of ocean and maritime professionals whose experiences range from ocean research to resource operations. The intent is to extend the reach of scientific ocean data to broader user communities. During the three-day forum, attendees will see powerful geospatial technologies, exchange ideas, share best practices, and build professional networks.

Here is what you will get from this forum:

Professionals interested in implementing GIS for the following

  • Ocean Science
  • Coastal and marine spatial planning
  • Port operations and management
  • Offshore energy generation and transmission
  • Hydrographic services
  • Fisheries management

Justify your trip

  • Discuss new Esri features
  • Expand your professional network
  • Receive invaluable ideas to energize your GIS operations
  • Learn real applications of GIS
  • Fast track a GIS implementation
  • Improve technical development skills
  • Gain new mapping techniques