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Emergency Management Operations

ArcGIS solutions for daily and incident operations

Prepare for the new normal

An ever-changing climate, shifts in demographics, increasing social unrest, and evolving terrorism tactics are placing more people around the world at risk. Having a baseline location intelligence capability in place is a crucial component of being prepared for the new normal in emergency management. Esri’s Emergency Management Operations offering provides agencies with ArcGIS solutions for the most common operational challenges. Use ArcGIS in your agency to:

  • Gain situational awareness
  • Understand potential impacts
  • Conduct initial damage assessments
  • Present dynamic incident briefings
  • Manage public information

Emergency support using location intelligence

Esri’s emergency management operations offering provides a roadmap for deploying GIS solutions that support both daily and incident operations. In this webinar,  you'll learn about Esri solutions to support the most common challenges found in emergency management.  Ready to get started preparing for the new normal?  Scroll down and contact us. 

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