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Market Development

Mapping and spatial analysis deliver location-based insight for market development. Understand where customers and competitors are and where the next growth areas will be. Analyze products and resources across geographies to maximize markets and gain a competitive advantage.


Ensure Resources Are in the Right Location

Cisco Systems is focused on providing a premium customer experience, which requires having service centers in the right places. GIS technology empowers staff to visualize and understand where customer sites are in relation to depots and enhances conversations with customers. Staff can also see where service gaps exist and plan improvements.

Strategic Market Analysis

Unite disparate data. Perform queries to find market opportunities. Visualize by geography or product mix.

Territory Planning

Analyze historic and real-time data. Design, simulate, and validate go-to-market channels.

Market Performance Monitoring

Use a simple dashboard to visualize key performance data in a geospatial context.

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