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Exposure Management

Reduce your insurance organization's cumulative risk across lines of business. Smart maps, thousands of data variables, and real-time weather feeds ensure that you understand risk and make effective exposure management plans. 


Understanding and Improving Key Performance Indicators

Aon eSolutions views the exact location of risk, recognizes past trends, and models expected futures in ArcGIS software. Staff can easily map business measures and compare them, validate locations, visualize loss patterns, and identify hot spots.


Understand aggregate exposure across lines of business.

Catastrophe (CAT) exposure management

Analyze forecasted loss metrics.

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Auto-accident pattern analysis

Increase your understanding of patterns and trends over space and time.


Specialized Apps and Data

ArcGIS Business Analyst

Better analyze sales territories and agent opportunities.

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Story maps

Align your organization's departments and increase organizational agility by quickly sharing data through visually stunning applications.

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Drone2Map for ArcGIS

When disasters occur, sites can remain unsafe for weeks. Quickly survey the impact of an event while keeping your staff out of harm's way.

Learn more about Drone2Map for ArcGIS

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