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Business Strategy

Better target limited capital to areas of lower risk or higher opportunity with smart maps and spatial analytics. Use ArcGIS software to get insight that supports data-driven decision-making and more effective business strategy. 


Proactively managing risk to improve resilience

Global risk adviser and insurance broker Willis helps clients forecast and plan for natural catastrophic, man-made, and other threats. Analysis in ArcGIS software shows how geography interacts with hazards and assets to help companies limit risk.


Identify high- and low-performing areas for sales optimization. 

Territory management

Analyze policy base to agent resources to create more effective sales territories.

Field force optimization

Collect and distribute data to and from the field.

Specialized Apps and Data

ArcGIS Business Analyst

Analyze, discover, and understand the hidden opportunities in your data. 

Learn more about ArcGIS Business Analyst

Story maps

Align your organization's departments and increase organizational agility by quickly sharing data through visually stunning applications. 

Learn more about Esri Story Maps

Drone2Map for ArcGIS

When disasters occur, sites can remain unsafe for weeks. Quickly survey the impact of an event while keeping your staff out of harm's way.

Learn more about Drone2Map for ArcGIS

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