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Electric Utilities

A minute without power inconveniences customers and reduces revenues. Use ArcGIS mapping and analytics to identify vulnerabilities before a failure occurs. See real-time data on weather, crews, demand, and outages. Keep power flowing and workers safe.


ArcGIS Empowers CoServ to Keep Pace with Customer Demands

Utilities today must use information effectively, and foster collaboration with all their stakeholders. See how CoServ Electric, one of the nations largest electric co-ops is using location intelligence to digitally transform their organization.

Asset Management

See asset locations and conditions on a map. Assess high-need areas and prioritize work.


Facilitate location-based planning for accounting and operations staff and other stakeholders.

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Plan routes; monitor rights-of-way; and use real-time data for a quick, safe response.

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Inspection / Maintenance

Spot vulnerabilities and effectively route crews for repairs.

Specialized Apps

Damage Assessment Collector

Equip field staff with the tools to record locations, severity, and photos of damage from a mobile device. Office staff can view the scope of damage in real time.

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Storm Vulnerability Assessment

Assess the impact major storms would have on the electrical distribution network. Determine where to reinforce the network to minimize impact.

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Social Media Sentiment Viewer

Map social media data to gather observations and hear public opinion about infrastructure.

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Find out how Esri can help your organization.

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