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Real-Time GIS

Make Better Decisions the Moment Something Happens

Real-Time GIS gives you the ability to simultaneously tap into, analyze, and display streaming data from many sensors, devices, and social media feeds. You can define filters and location-based analytics that automatically refine and focus real-time data on events that matter most to you. Esri's Real-Time GIS continuously updates maps and databases and sends alerts to key personnel the moment a critical threshold or event happens for faster decisions and response.

Improve Situational Awareness During Events

When disasters strike every second counts. Real-time situational awareness saves lives and helps protect people, property, and critical resources. That's why police, fire, and emergency management organizations at all levels of government utilize Esri's Real-Time GIS capabilities in their operations and dispatching centers.

Track Tens of Thousands of Assets in Motion

Getting the location of a moving object is one thing but tracking entire fleets of vehicles, vessels, or aircraft in real time allows moment-by-moment decision-making for improved operational awareness. Ports, airports, transportation companies, and government agencies all use Esri's Real-Time GIS technology to monitor moving assets.

Monitor an Unlimited Number of Stationary Sensors

Delivering products at optimal freshness or guaranteeing the most reliable service can be a differentiator for businesses. Companies that store and transport perishable commodities or deliver safe energy to consumers rely on Esri's Real-Time GIS to monitor data feeds from distributed sensors for better customer service.

Make Sense of Millions of Social Media Feeds Easily

Monitoring social media is just good business. Analyzing locations and connections to social activities in real time? Well, that’s a formula for beating the competition to the punch by seeing who, what, and where people are talking about your products and services. Companies, like Waze, give their partners access to Esri's real-time analytics.

Open Your Gateway to the Internet of Things (IoT)

Making sense of Big Data produced by the Internet of Things (IoT) can be challenging for organizations. But what if that huge volume, relentless velocity, and staggering variability of data flowing into your systems could be filtered, analyzed in real time and then stored for future Big Data analysis? Esri's Real-Time scales big when you need to.

Real-Time GIS starts with ArcGIS GeoEvent Server

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