ArcGIS Urban

ArcGIS Urban

Smart city planning

ArcGIS Urban is an immersive 3D experience designed to improve urban planning and decision-making. Quickly visualize projects in your local context and leverage location intelligence to drive better decisions. Be more proactive and less reactive in your planning process. Simplify project collaboration across internal agencies and public stakeholders. 

Shaping future cities

ArcGIS Urban is an immersive 3D experience designed to drive smart urban planning and development.

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Planning the future of smart cities

3D city model as context for change

Design a 3D representation of the city and gain contextual information to assess performance and support decision-making.

Zoning and land-use planning

Produce visual and analytical representations that allow planners to simultaneously do their work and share it with stakeholders.

Urban design and project sharing

Create volumetric massing scenarios based on zoning parameters within a 3D context. Perform detailed urban design and modeling and share your work.

Case Study

Boston Planning & Development Agency

We wanted to develop workflows that used metrics and a standardized process and procedure to evaluate projects moving forward.

Corey Zehngebot

Sr. Architect & Urban Designer, Boston Planning & Development Agency

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