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High-Resolution Global Basemaps

Background imagery can serve as a canvas, providing context and validation for your GIS data.

Imagery with Metadata

Satellite imagery for the world, with available layers showing boundaries, places, and transportation including street names and clickable metadata information

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World Imagery

Satellite and high-resolution aerial imagery for the world, with political boundaries and place-names

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Imagery with Labels and Transportation

Satellite and high-resolution aerial imagery for the world, with political boundaries, roads, and labels for places and roads

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Arctic Imagery

Arctic imagery map with 15-meter TerraColor imagery for the polar region

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Multispectral, Temporal, Dynamic Image Services

Dynamic image services suitable for visualization and analysis include Landsat, National Agriculture Imagery Program (NAIP), Moderate Resolution Imaging Spectroradiometer (MODIS), and elevation data.

World Elevation

A multiresolution layer provides access to elevation values for use in analysis, with functions for slope, aspect, and hillshade.

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The National Agriculture Imagery Program acquires aerial imagery during the agricultural growing seasons in the continental United States.

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The MODIS instrument aboard Terra and Aqua satellites, the AIRS instrument aboard Aqua, and the OMI instrument aboard Aura are used as sources. Several of the MODIS global products are made available.

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Landsat 8 & GLS

Landsat 8's Operational Land Imager collects new imagery for a given location every 16 days. Landsat Global Land Survey (GLS) contains 30-meter-resolution imagery from 1990–2010.

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Premium Imagery Content

Access current imagery without needing to manage it, including premium imagery from Nearmap and Hexagon.


100 percent cloud-based, high-resolution aerial imagery

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A professional, high-resolution imagery dataset captured with the latest in Leica Geosystems airborne sensors.

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App lets cyclists relive their adventures and share a virtual tour of their ride using Esri’s World Imagery maps.

Collect and Process Your Own Imagery

If you collect your own imagery, you can use ArcGIS to process, analyze, and maintain it along with your raster data.

Collect and Process Your Own Imagery

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